To describe TED Gala, we need to tell you a story…

It is a story of PAIN and GLAMOUR, the accomplishment of a fight. It is Bijou’s story, but also everyone else’s because the idea of courage speaks to masses. 


Today TED Gala might be an event organized by Selfish TED, but it is mostly an idea. In its simplest form, it is the promise of continuing living your life the head up despite going through some major life-changing events. We celebrate warriors, and promote peer support. 


In other words, our goal is to raise awareness around thyroid diseases, and specifically the thyroid eye disease, TED. We will be raising money for two charities: the British Thyroid Foundation and the Thyroid Eye Disease Charitable Trust. 


We hope to effectively help patients put back the glamour in their TED journey as well as shed the light over a subject clearly not discussed enough, … in the fanciest way


on a longer term, we hope to list amazing links, pages and websites from great organisations worldwide (in the near future) providing string thyroid supports in their local communities online or in person...


The first time I heard about TED (thyroid Eye Disease), it was too late for me!

The wonder years had gone and while the dust settled, my ashes were still burning the rest of me.

While in the grinder, I was way too lost for years to see the light at the end of the tunnel, let alone well enough to see the bigger picture (tough in my case, I was, un-diagnosed for 12 years leading to serious complications and bad case of Thyrotoxicosis (an excess of thyroid hormone in the body)  treated with radioactive iodine, followed by  medical mistake that plunged my emaciated body into straight obesity, 20 kilos in 10days followed by 15 more over the year course of steroids)

Thyroid Journey

I felt so guilty at time with recovery being such a long road, guilty of not leaving at my friend's speed, not having children on time, then never and not participating in life's activities

All along these long last 2 decades, I burried myself into over working feeling guilty I could barely exist some days  Thyrotoxicosis


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